SPA evolution (metamorphosis) that inspires

When the aging wellness facilities suddenly shine forth in new splendour, then the experts of the Tyrolean company SPA4® had their creative minds involved.

For the past 40 years, wellness has remained in vogue and continues to be boosted by the “NEO-health” and “Inspiration” megatrends. The original SPA facilities in the typical Roman style yield to authentic, alpine overall concepts, which are oriented to the positioning of the hotel or the SPA theme. Modern, authentic and high-quality SPA solutions are therefore indispensable for the Alpine hotel industry.

Modern wellness oases need to fill the guests and hoteliers with enthusiasm.

The developments of the past decades evidently showed that heat and steam in the wellness facilities are no longer sufficient to inspire hotel guests and hoteliers at the same time.

For hoteliers and operators in general, the profitability of the facility as well as a tailor-made, creative wellness and SPA concept are the decisive factors, emphasizes Florian Jaud, technical director of SPA4® company in Strass im Zillertal. The size of the wellness oasis no longer plays the decisive role in hotels, but benefits from it. This already begins with how quickly the guests get to wellness area. The paths are often too long, too cold and intersect with non-bathrobe guests. It is essential to take a closer look at this situation. Of course, the experience for the guest should not be missed. All senses have to be addressed with carefully devised and intelligent technical solutions. Comfortable loungers and seats, surrounded by pleasant scents and sound installations, air and light effects, views of the mountains right on up to the 360o sauna carousel, are just some of the possibilities. Even health-oriented infusions or mineral injections in a steam bath provide guests with high additional benefits.

The successful combination of relaxation and health!

The “NEO-health” is a lifestyle which describes people increasingly taking responsibility for their own health. Vitality, joy for life, long-lasting physical and mental wellbeing will be more important than ever. People are willing to invest money for that. Pleasurable wellness experiences and health are therefore increasingly merging in tourism. The temporary escape from stressful everyday life and the immersion in an inspirational world of SPA, in which the suspense between relaxation and active regeneration is mastered, provides hotels with an opportunity to reach out to (new) solvent guests. We accompany hotels on this path to realize a professional and authentic health-oriented SPA concept, explains Mag(FH) Markus Strasser, Managing Director of SPA4®.

How is a successful transformation done?

Michael Meininger, Project Manager of SPA4®, outlines the essential points.
The transformation from an “old wellness facility” into a new SPA oasis succeeds through an exact analysis of the spatial situation, guest structure, positioning of the hotel or resort and the desired requests of the client. When all the facts are known, we can create a holistic and authentic SPA concept, which corresponds to the classic relaxation wellness, but also offers services for analysis and preservation of health.

Reduce costs – gain valuable time

Even in the planning phase, we take into consideration state-of-the-art technologies for environment-friendly, cost-effective and trouble-free facility. Especially the profound cooperation with the architect of the hotel is an important symbiosis between creativity and the comprehensive functionality for guest and operator alike.

A decisive advantage of the SPA4® is the One-stop-Shop. Our experts offer complete SPA solutions, design thermal cabins for the SPA equipment, produce in-house and assemble/mount and service the entire system. This makes the project more comfortable, time-saving and eventually cost-efficient for the client, Strasser is convinced.

© SPA4® ”The creative team“ – from left to right: Florian Jaud, Markus Strasser, Michael Meininger

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© Alpamare Scarborough – Herbal Steam Bath
© Wellnessresort Seiwald – 360° Sauna
© A-ROSA Kitzbühel – Hammam Cabin