Project Description

Salt Stone Sauna

Enjoy air enriched with salt from Himalaya

The Salt Stone Sauna, clad with genuine salt stone from the Himalayan mountains, operates at a temperature of 65 to 70 °C, with a relatively low level of humidity. The cabin air is ionized and saturated with salt compounds. This can provide relief for a wide range of conditions. The high salt content within the air has beneficial effects, particularly for the respiratory system and skin. The energetic effects of the Himalayan salt stone help promote a positive mental attitude along with helping to alleviate anxiety, depression and melancholy. The salt has a revitalising effect, inspiring us to refocus our energies and achieve our goals. The bright walls bathe the room in a salmon pink hue. This colour promotes calmness and tranquility, clarifies our reasoning process, and makes us more receptive to the moods of other people.