Project Description

Herbal Sauna

Enjoy the soothing effects of the herbal sauna

The Herbal Sauna offers a very special and particularly attractive sauna experience as it stages flavours, scents and healing effects of natural herbs. A selection of herbs is placed above the sauna oven. The steam in the sauna cabin helps unfold the full herbal power and releases the natural herbal flavours. Fresh herbal scents not only have positive effects on well-being, they are also beneficial and relaxing for the respiratory system. The sequence of heat followed by a cold shower not only simulates the circulation, it also strengthens the immune system and builds defence against infection. The temperature contrast has positive effects in the treatment of varicose veins. The heat intensifies blood flow in the skin and this can alleviate the symptoms of many skin conditions. There is also a relaxing effect on the musculature, and the healing process is encouraged for muscle or tendon strains.