Project Description

Hammam Table

Promotes improved care of the skin

Hammam is a bathing ritual in which a traditional oriental soap brush massage plays a central role. It is a soothing, deep cleansing treatment which, at the same time, detoxifies the body and promotes healthy circulation. The skin is exfoliated and the pores are flushed clean of all impurities. The skin is refreshed by the soap brush massage. The skin becomes soft and supple, it looks cared for and glows with health due to the improved circulation. The soap brush massage is the perfect preparation for a visit to the sauna. The aromatically enriched, pH-neutral lather is massaged into the skin with a brush. A wide range of fragrances are available. Depending on the desired effects, many different brushes and peeling gloves are used. After the massage, the soap is either removed by hand or rinsed away with warm water. After approximately 25 minutes of treatment, the body is pampered with one final care treatment – for example the application of various body lotions.

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